Be furniture.

There are many reasons to rent furniture. If you are in a temporary living situation, say 1-12 months, renting furniture might be your perfect solution. Moving bulky pieces from one apartment to another can be a huge hassle, especially in a long distance move. If you can’t fit all of your furniture in your new home, you either have to store or sell it. If you’re a student, in military housing, or relocating for a short-term work assignment or contract renting furniture can make a ton of sense as your living situation will likely be semi-temporary.

Short term rental - When moving to a new destination and you’re shipping your household goods, the transit of your furniture may take up to several weeks, sometimes months. Often you have already rented your new home, just where you wanted it, close to work or school for the children. Our TEMP furniture rental packages can be installed in your new property while you’re travelling, so everything is installed upon your arrival in your new home. When your household goods arrive, we collect the rented furniture in the morning, just before the moving company comes to deliver your household goods. This is often a much more convenient solution compared to a temporary furnished housing or other corporate short stay solutions.

Long term rental - You can rent furniture from 4 months up to 60 months.  Need your rental furniture for a longer period of time? Just contact us and we will recalculate the new lowered monthly rental fee for you. In case of an early termination of your contract, you do not need to fulfil the full length of the contract. We will recalculate your monthly contract to your actual length of stay. This is what we call flexible housing.



  •                     Moving
  • Moving

  • Providing reliable and professional help our moving services comprise door-to-door moving of goods, including all paperwork required. We can move almost everything, including your business, pets, art or car, either local or international. Letting us cover every element of your move you can rest assured that all the aspects involved are taken care off. We make sure that handling, transporting and storing takes places ensuring the safety of every item we handle, as well as attending to all special travel requirements and dealing with varied and complex customs formalities.

  •                     Relocations
  • Relocations

  • We know that is a big difference between visiting a country and living in it, and that’s why Eastern European Relocations provides integrated relocation solutions to companies and people who plan to relocate to Europe. We take care of immigration formalities, house & school finding and all other settling-in aspects. Our concierge services include taking care of organizing basic utilities, advising on banking, driving licences, and insurance services.

  •                     Logistics
  • Logistics

  • As business becomes increasingly global than ever it changes the markets and the logistics needs of all companies – that’s where we, Eastern European Relocations, come in. Our logistics services ensures the distribution of your freight takes place the way you want, developing the forwarding of goods from simple transportation into a specialized industry. Our extensive network of partners ensure the highest standard of service as we provide complete air, sea and road freight services and cargo security and safety.

  •                     Concierge
  • Concierge

  • Having in mind that work-life balance is important to everyone, our concierge services provide our customers solutions for a time-free personal life. We take care of home services and errands in a time-sensitive and efficient manner in order for you to enjoy the personal comfort you need. As a lifestyle services company and our purpose is to support your daily requests in order for you to enjoy life with as little worries as possible. Solving issues is our main business, we are good at it and this makes our customers serene.