International moving services

We have the ability to manage all the elements of an international move from handling an packing to transporting and shipping your goods in a safe and professional manner.

Our door-to-door moving services ensure a smooth process that aims to provide to our customers the quality and efficiency they seek in every service provider.

As in all our services, a single point of contact is provided to our customers thus offering a simple and easy way to manage the supplier relationship and service implementation.

Our services comprise all the aspects of the moving process, starting from the assessment of the goods and estimating their volume up to unpacking and cleaning the debris, with all paperwork included. We aim to provide a stress free move and ensure you have the time to focus to other important aspects.

All our services are easy manageable by our customers because we have an single point of contact dedicated to them, thus they can easily check out the status of their project or make further arrangements or modifications.

Door to door moving services include, but are not limited to:

  • assessment and volume estimate of the goods, and both addresses of origin and destination for access difficulties, checking the paperwork and ensuring all formalities are known and taken care of

  • delivery of packing materials before the moving day, should the customer wish to do some pre-packing

  • full packing of household goods and effects, including providing of packing material, and loading of the shipment

  • disassembling all required items and effects - except disassembly of very special items: antic or custom made furniture, Ikea furniture

  • direct delivery (if access allows us) with full destination services to the residence

  • full unpacking of the good and pickup of the debris

Domestic moving services

Our team will handle every step of the domestic removal process, no matter the size of the shipment or the destination of your move.

All your personal items will be carefully packed  and loaded with care into our clean and regularly inspected trucks.

To ensure that your home is left in pristine condition, all exposed areas such as doors, routing walls, stairs or even lifts will be protected, at departure and destination.

  •  We offer solutions within your budget

  •  We have an in-house estimating team to visit your home and take detailed inventory lists

  •  Our team look after your property by protecting carpets, flooring and stairs with floor runners and adhesive plastic

  •  We blanket wrap and properly protect all furniture to ensure the safest transport

  •  For local moves, we prefer using recylable materials such as secure, sustainable plastic crates

  •  Prefer partial of full packing yourself to save money on your move, no problem

  •  We will guide you through the process of recommendations that fit your needs

  •  Need temporary or long-term storage, no problem

  •  We have local knowledge!

Office move

We are experts in packing and moving your company’s assets: office furniture, electronic devices, laboratory equipment or factory machinery to your new premises.

Proper planning and coordination are the foundations of a successful office move. Our office move action plans are carefully drawn up to minimise the loss of productivity for your business.

Our process

Our moving process make sure your project takes place without overlooking one or more important aspects such as paperwork, customs formalities or special packaging requirements.

Simplifying, our process has five easy steps:



pre-move estimate & survey


Packing the household goods


From one location to another


Unpacking the household goods

Finalizing the project

Taking care of the last details of the project


Pet transport

Sometimes the most precious shipment is the family pet.

With this in mind our company takes care of your pets safe transport, ensuring that your family companion has the best possible care and attention, ensuring that all particular health and safety requirements of every animal are taken care of.

We attend to all requirements professionally, informing you of all the medical regulations according to the transit destination and taking care off all the special travel requirements and transport regulations.

Our services include, but are not limited to:
- suitable containers that meet international pet standards,
- veterinary services,
- paperwork assistance regarding health certificates and travel documents
- import permit/ export documents assistance
- itineraries and flight arrangements for pets
- destination services, including pet delivery

Fine art and antiques shipping

Traveling to exhibitions, art fairs, galleries, and so on, will always be an important component of an artists live and an essential component to the business of virtually all museums, galleries and auction houses.

And because we know how valuable and important the art objects are, we always ensure that these artifacts are transported safely and securely.

We know that they require special handling and attention, and that is why our packaging and moving techniques are in the front line of best business practices.

Our fine art shipping services include, but are not limited to:
appropriate packaging and crating according to the transported items, meaning shockproof packaging, museum quality crating, specially built boxes for antiques, fine art and fragile objects
specialized vehicles according to the transporting standards and requirements (air venting, climate control, fire suppression equipment and state-of-the-art alarm systems)
packing & unpacking services, disassembly & reassembly of items according to particular and special requirements
specialist consultancy regarding technical matters, such as packing, special handling and storage conditions

Car shipping

Dependable car shipping services are a must for individuals and companies such as collectioners, dealerships, car manufacturers, auction houses, and so on.

That is why as Eastern European Relocations we focus on offering professional vehicle moving services ensuring safe and secure transport.
Our movers are trained to handle the vehicles in a professional and safe manner, taking care of the related customs and transport paperwork.

Our car shipping services include, but are not limited to:
door to door car shipping; also for motorcycles
same methods to secure the cars as the automobile manufacturers
using decking above the car in order to provide more protection; removing any mirrors for motorcycles and padding well for protection
taking care of all the related paperwork, including customs