Eastern European Relocations

Relocation is the process of vacating a location and settling in a different one.

In a business environment it usually describes a range of internal or external processes to transfer employees, their families, and/or entire departments of a business to a new location.

We provide a full range of integrated relocations solutions to our customers, either individuals or companies and their international assignees, managing every aspect of the process, all through a single point of contact.

One of our core goals is that the expatriate is very well informed and having sufficient research available in all functional and social aspects of the move: necessary documents (visa, long-term stay permissions), finding a new house, finding a school for children, finding a job for the partner or “trailing spouse”, making arrangements for social activities like shopping, sports and leisure, arranging a teacher for the family (language teaching) and introducing fresh expats to the local culture.

Full integrated solutions

Being well informed and well prepared certainly eases the adjustment experience for every expatriate, and as a company providing complete and complex relocation services we are more than prepared to increase the likelihood of success for each relocation assignment.
As an established relocations specialists, our services are efficient, flexible and cost-effective ensuring that busy HR departments have less stress and reliable services for their transferees. We provide expatriates and their families with practical knowledge and an honest overview of living and working in their new country.



We provide a comprehensive travel management service, combining our extensive local knowledge and partners network with both professional and private missions.
Our objective is to make sure you have a successful and enjoyable experience when visiting Bucharest on business.
We understand that taking care of your business travel needs means you are free to take care of your business, thus we our solutions are always tailor-made and provide excellent personal service, with a single point of contact for the entire duration of the mission.


We know that in order for you to make the best decisions and choices available you need to be well informed.
That is why our preview visits services take care of all the aspects a relocation project involves before the actual move.
We have extensive local knowledge about city areas, parks, schools, transport, leisure activities places, supermarkets, this knowledge enabling us to provide the best solutions in rapport to the project.


When moving to a new country or a new town everyone is looking to find the best available house according to his needs and budget.
We make sure that the home search process takes place smoothly, providing reliable and quality tailor made home search services.
Having the perfect accommodation for you and your family is mandatory in order for the relocation process to be a success, and this is what our services are aimed at.


We help expats fill in all the puzzling aspects of settling in another country.
We know that living in another country is always a challenge, especially in the beginning, when the incoming information about the country, culture and locals can be overwhelming.
Because of all these challenging aspects our aim is to provide quality and reliable services that will enable expats to speed-up their accommodation process.


Every country has it’s own bureaucratic system that sometimes is incredibly complicated and frustrating, system that differ greatly from country to country, and change frequently.
We provide immigration related services that are reliable and especially trustworthy because of the sensitive nature of the handled information.
Our aim is to free your schedule of these time-consuming endeavors, while making sure all deadlines are respected in order for our customers to have a stress-free and no legal concerns about living and working in a country.


In order to have a smooth departure we can assists assignees with all the administrative details involved when the assignment comes to an end.
Our departure services deliver a proper management of household goods, including transportation and relocation at your new destination, and also all related activities such as assistance with lease termination, return of security deposit, negotiation issues.
We can also provide cancellation services for all basic and requested utilities, bank account cancellations, and organizing important documents such as school or medical papers.